declan is a dancer and choreographer, originally from birmingham, uk.

he began dancing after seeing riverdance on tv as part of the 1994 eurovision song contest in dublin. 

he has performed with national dance company wales, martin forsberg, eva recacha and helena waldmann.

declan’s work has been shown at kunsthal charlottenborg (copenhagen), the royal opera house, bloomsbury festival and the place (london). in autumn 2017 declan was the recipient of danceXchange’s choreography award. during this residency he began work on for the time being.

his current choreographic practice explores the body vs technology, high art vs pop and beyoncé vs rihanna.

he recently completed a masters degree at london contemporary dance school. the research investigated whether cartesian dualism can be reasserted if we take the singualrity’s predictions of online eternities to be true. the full text can be read here.

email: declanwhitaker@gmail.com